What a day!

2014 was an eventful year for me for a variety of reasons. But today, I will focus on only one of those. The candidate classes in Kings’ College Budo- that is senior 4 and 6- are allowed to constitute governments/committees from amongst themselves. These governments handle the different aspects of organising the social, an annual […]

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“The Men who stole Africa”

For the past week or so, I have been engrossed in Paul Kenyon’s The Men Who Stole Africa, a fascinating read about the African leaders who, as the title says, stole Africa. So far, my reading of the book has covered Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of Congo or Zaire as it was […]

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Here’s the thing. I love football. Watching it or playing it, it doesn’t matter. I love it. When I came to Dundee, one of the friends I made from my fellowship, JB, discovered that like him, I love playing football. He wasted no time in inviting me to join a group of his friends that […]



Death. Do we ever fully recover from losing loved ones? I do not think we do. Days, months and years tick by, Fooling you into thinking that you are past it That the pain you once felt ever so keenly Is a thing of the distant past And then One night, like a healing wound […]

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The Emperor is naked

When I was a boy, one of the stories that captured my imagination was “The Emperor’s new clothes”. The story goes that many years ago, there was an emperor whose ambition was to always be immaculately dressed. So devoted was he to this ambition that he had a coat for every hour of the day. […]

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I was seated at Makindye Court waiting for a court clerk. Everyone who has interacted with the Ugandan judicial system in one way or another knows how tiresome Ugandan courts are. To stave off the impending boredom and resultant sleepiness, I pulled out my mobile phone and started scrolling through WhatsApp status updates. It was […]

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Of potholes

Early one morning, on my way to work, I noticed that the road we normally use, had developed two new depressions. A few days later, the depressions had evolved into mini craters, right in the middle of the road, like open wounds on skin.  We had to go on a Tour de France to circumvent these potholes. To […]

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Lackluster customer care🙄

I stood in the dimly lit, crowded corridor of the court premises boiling all over. The sun’s heat was bearing down intenselythat day and as we stood clutching our files, it felt like we were in a cauldron. Long sleeved shirts, ties and suits coupled with the sun’s heat make for an explosive combination. Yet, […]

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Change is inevitable. It is easy to say these words until change is actually knocking at your door. Then, change becomes an unwelcome visitor.  Last year, the Law Development Centre released two lists. One for those who were to attend the bar course at its branch in Kampala and one for those who were to attend it […]

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